All authentication is per user (not per account).

The MinuteDock API requires SSL.

HTTP Basic

You can authenticate using HTTP Basic. For example, using curl:

curl -u user@email.com:password https://minutedock.com/api/v1/accounts.json

Or, using Ruby and the HTTParty Gem:

class MinuteDockExample
  include HTTParty
  base_uri 'https://minutedock.com/api/v1'

pp MinuteDockExample.get("/accounts", auth: {
  username: "YOUR_LOGIN_EMAIL",


Get your API key from your user account page. Just pass it through as a GET or POST parameter to authenticate using your API key.

curl https://minutedock.com/api/v1/users.json?api_key=API_KEY

Request Formatting

For request payload bodies, please set the content type header as follows:

Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded.

Documented parameter names for POST body payloads assume this content-type.

You should pass POST parameters as "Rails-style" arrays, for example:


Account Selection

By default, the currently active user account in MinuteDock is used. This can (and generally should) be overridden by specifying an Account ID in API requests.

curl -u user@email.com:password https://minutedock.com/api/v1/users.json?account_id=ACCOUNT_ID